3EDGEUSA Group, LLC has been assisting customers who require Information Technology Staffing, Consulting or Project services.

Staffing Services:

Meeting consultant’s/Client’s specific staffing needs is our number one goal.
We understand the commitment that is involved with bringing in new resources and we pride ourselves on lowering many of the risks that you assume with bringing on new people.
We use well founded techniques and highly trained personnel to ensure the most accurate and honest description of possible candidates.
3EDGEUSA Group, LLC provides quality information technology professionals for our clients’ temporary, consulting and permanent staffing requirements. As a full service technology organization, we offer the unique ability to provide the exact personnel mix to maximize your IT project objectives.

Software Development:

We provide software development services in multi-vendor, multi-platform environments through a mix of appropriate tools for web-enabled as well as traditional interfaces, transaction processing, database management and web application servers
Our services include planning, customization, implementation and support of widely used software in diverse industries as well as custom development of components that are best suited for specific customer situations. We also undertake migration/re-engineering activities as well as maintenance and enhancements to existing software.
While each client is unique, they do share critical technical requirements that must be met in a timely and cost-effective manner.
By fully understanding their IT challenges and objectives, we provide the crucial solutions that our clients have come to expect from us.